Guide for Authors

Guide for Author

1-Article language
*Articles must be written based on Persian rules and grammars and applying the foreign words is forbidden.

2-Types of articles that this Journal accepts:
 original article, review article, case report and letter to Editor-in-Chief.

3-Structure of Articles

The manuscript should include :

1. The number of article words (Up to 5500 words)

2. Title page

3.Name of authors
*The names of all participants of paper must be mentioned according to the idea of all authors.

4. English and Persian Abstract (150- 250 words)

5. Keywords (4-10 keywords)

6. Introduction

7. Materials & Methods

8. Results

  9. Discussion

  10. Acknowledgment (if needed)
*All contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be covered in the acknowledgment section. It should include persons who have provided technical help, writing assistance and head of the department that has provided general support. Financial and material support should also be acknowledged.

11. References
- The number of citations at the end of research should coincide with the cited numbers in the text. The number of figures and tables in the text and references should also be the same.
- References should be numbered consecutively with APA style.
- References should be numbered sequentially in the text, and then written consequently on a separate page at the end of the paper as follows.

12.Attachments (figures, tables, questionnaires and pictures,…)

13. Editing tips
- The manuscript should be typed in Microsoft Word 2007 or newer.
- Line spacing across the entire paper is 1 unit.
- Persian texts should be typed with the font of Mithra and English texts with Times New Roman font.
-Abbreviated words and phrases should be spelled out when first used.